Debbie Dannheisser grows online, in-store business


Artist Debbie Dannheisser started selling leggings with designs from her artwork. During the pandemic, she switched from selling at charity events to online sales. Now she  is opening a retail location in the back of her husband's law practice on Main St. in downtown Sarasota.

For about three years, Debbie Dannheisser sold her art-imprinted leggings, sports bras and tank tops at charity events across Sarasota.

Her “threads,” as she calls them, were used to benefit local charities like Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Animal Rescue Coalition of Sarasota. 

But then COVID hit, and all charity events were canceled. So Dannheisser, who is an artist by trade, had to get creative. 

She pulled her inventory from local stores and set it up in the back of her husband’s law office at 1834 Main St. She started really focusing on e-commerce – building her Instagram, using online selling tools like Shopify and hiring someone to do Facebook ads. And then, after awhile, she looked around the space she had stored her clothes in at the law office and thought “hey, this could work.”


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