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Press release in accordance with Consob Regulation no. 11971/99

Change in 2021 Calendar of Corporate Events

Vimercate (MB), September 30, 2021 – In accordance with article 2.6.2, c. 1, let. b) of the Market Rules organized and managed by Borsa Italiana S.p.A., ESPRINET communicates the update of the 2021 calendar of corporate events:

12 October 2021 Attendance at the STAR Conference Fall 2021 organized by Borsa Italiana S.p.A.

19/20 October 2021 Attendance at the Pan-European Discovery Conference USA 2021 organized by Berenberg

11 November 2021 Board of Directors

Approval of the Additional Financial Information as at September 30, 2021

1/2 December 2021 Attendance at the Mid & Small in Milan organized by Virgilio IR

Any amendments to the above calendar of corporate events will be promptly notified to the market.

Esprinet (PRT:IM – ISIN IT0003850929), with around 1,600 employees and 4.5 billion euro in turnover in 2020, is the leading company in Southern Europe (Italy, Spain and Portugal) in the distribution of Information Technology and Consumer Electronics to IT resellers, VAR, System Integrators, specialized stores, retailers and e-commerce portals, as well as the fourth largest distributor in Europe and in the top 10 at global level. The Group’s vision is to simplify life for people and organizations, by expanding and facilitating the distribution and use of technology. Enabling your tech experience is the payoff that synthesizes the evolution of the company into a genuine technology services hub that enables the use of technology.

The Group supplies roughly 130,000 products (PCs, printers, accessories, software, cloud, data centers & cybersecurity, smartphones, audio-video, TV, gaming, household appliances and electric mobility) of more than 650 manufacturers to 31,000 business and consumer resellers through multiple sales models, both self-service(best-in-classe-commerce platform and Cash & Carry stores) and assisted (tele-sales and systems engineers in the field).

In addition to providing traditional wholesaling services (bulk breaking and credit), Esprinet fulfils the role of simplifier of the use of technology. The Group offers, for example, a turnkey e-commerce platform to hundreds of resellers, in-shop management for thousands of retail sales points, and specialized payment and financing solutions for the resellers community, by also offering the generation of demand by end users and big data analysis to the main technology manufacturers and resellers which outsource marketing activities increasingly more frequently.

Cloud services, collaboration software, video-conference systems, advanced IT infrastructures and specialized consumer electronics solutions such as connected household appliances or gaming platforms are the new areas of growth with added value which fuel further future growth in revenues for the sector, while logistics and financial services, as well as the “pay-per-use” sales model, offer increased opportunities for margin growth.

The widespread use of technology and the need for quicker and simpler methods to make increasingly more complex and diversified technologies available for people and companies pave the way for further improvements in the scenarios of the technological distribution industry.

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