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Eric Pereira is an American business professional and serial entrepreneur who operates in Massachusetts. Pereira is known for providing Walmart ecommerce automation solutions, Amazon FBA, and even credit repair services. Eric has used his opportunistic vision to build many businesses and attributes much of his success to his willingness to take risks. Pereira believes that ecommerce coupled with Amazon’s FBA program creates a user-friendly experience that will be the future of passive income.

Building Passive Income

Eric founded and operates Automated Ecom Store, a business that provides automated solutions for Walmart dropshipping stores. Automated Ecom Store offers a hands off experience for their clients and has a full time management team of experts that monitor and scale the store for them. Eric created Automated Ecom Store to provide a trustworthy and reputable form of passive income for everyone, and wants to help as many people achieve financial freedom as he can. 

Walmart stores are seen as the future of dropshipping as they have limited restrictions on stores. Pereira went on to say that one of the biggest challenges in building a business is staying organized and the full time management team relieves clients of the work to keep everything running. The purpose of Walmart automation is to earn passive income for clients and ensure that their stores continue scaling up. Pereira views Walmart as the best ecommerce platform to capitalize on in today’s market.

Utilizing FBA

Amazon’s FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) program allows e-commerce entrepreneurs like Eric to store products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers, while they handle packing, shipping, and customer service. Combining ecommerce selling and Amazon FBA with automation offers a hands off experience where orders are automatically sent to the Amazon fulfillment center closest to the buyer, and Amazon will handle everything from that point on, including any returns or refunds.

Another added benefit of the FBA program is quick delivery and discounted shipping rates. Since FBA is a program through Amazon, Prime customers are much more likely to purchase the product causing an increase in sales compared to stores that are not partnered with FBA. Using FBA also gives Amazon shops a higher ranking on Amazon which in turn gives more traffic and purchases to those products.

Future of Passive Income

Automated Ecom Store currently operates over 150 Walmart stores and 300 Amazon stores, utilizing eight warehouses for shipping and handling returns in house. With such a large operation and over 5 years in the sector, Eric has had a lot of success but shows no signs of slowing down.

Pereira intends to keep growing the Automated Ecom Store and knows that FBA is a great solution for an automation service moving forward. Eric also intends to establish a program in the company where they will provide funding for clients with a good credit history. This will open the door to entrepreneurs who want to earn passive income without requiring a large amount of capital upfront.

To know more about Eric Pereira or Automated Ecom Store anyone can check, the official website of Automated Ecom Store. Eric has certainly accomplished an impressive amount at such a young age and it will be interesting to see what is to come for him in the future. As he continues to dominate the arena he has created, Eric may be faced with new copycat competition, or more traditional academics adopting his tactics. But with his unique approach to every project and ability to cater valuable solutions for his clients, he will likely not be going away anytime soon.

Whether it be crafting the next generation automated ecommerce store or helping entrepreneurs reach eight figures income, it is certain that Eric Pereira will be making strides in the years to come.

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