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A true visionary is one who can not only see their path but envision how that path will influence the rest of the world. This skill allows those who hunger for entrepreneurship to break away from the traditional 9-5 path to success and create their own path. It can be a challenging path, full of ups and downs, failures and achievements. Only those true visionaries who can see the end goal are strong enough to not only rise to the top but offer guidance for other visionaries to succeed in their own entrepreneurial goals. Josef Eines is a true visionary.

Eines isn’t your average entrepreneur. He has a keen sense of new and trending, has a hunger to do things out of the ordinary, and isn’t afraid to take a risk on a new approach. He’s a digital marketing genius and has made a name for himself in the world of SEO/SEM. His success in this field has allowed him to take his capital and invest it into other projects as a Venture Capitalist. This visionary is passionate about digital marketing and startups and using his platform and influence to help the next generation of entrepreneurs grow. Josef Eines’s path to success started with a business idea he had at 13.

Success At a Young Age

Most Norweigian 13-year-olds live their young lives, focusing on school, sports, friends, and childhood. Young Josef Eines was a little different. As a young teen, Eines broke away from the traditional norms of a 13-year-old boy and started learning about dropshipping and e-commerce.

The process of facilitating the trade of products from sellers to buyers online really piqued his interest. Eines started researching to see how he could get in on this opportunity that was relatively new to the scene. He began to learn the process and eventually dove into the world of e-commerce. It didn’t take him long to figure out he made the right choice by taking his chances on dropshipping. Young 13-year-old Eines made $25K in one month from dropshipping. It was a payday that even those who worked 100+ hours a week weren’t seeing in their traditional day jobs.

Eines continued to run his dropshipping business while continuing his classwork in grade school. After attending college for a few years, he decided his life would be better served by running his business full time, so he dropped out of college to pursue his entrepreneurial life.

Once he could focus on his company full time, Josef Eines had a goal to expand. He opened other dropshipping stores in an effort that they would see the same success as his first. His workload doubled, but the excitement also doubled. At this moment, Eines realized his calling was to create something to impact life on the global stage. This was the moment he realized that his calling was to be a business leader.

The Global Stage

Eines has a certain type of curiosity that has led him all over the world. As a visionary, Eines pulls inspiration and motivation from what he sees around him. In 2007, Eines started in the world of digital marketing. The space was booming with the start of the social media era, and Eines saw it as an opportunity to get ahead. He moved to Spain, where he took in the culture of his European neighbors while learning the ropes of digital marketing. Eines also worked in Dubai and throughout many towns in his home country, Norway.

He found significant inspiration during a trip to Uganda. The East African country filled with diverse landscapes and culture was a game-changer for Eines. He spent a few months there, taking in nature and continuing to grow his online businesses. This trip, along with his other travels, opened his eyes to a world he hadn’t seen before. He realized that he had the potential to connect all of these communities and cultures through e-commerce. His interest once again piqued, and the ideas of digital marketing start-ups came to the table.

The Art of Start-Ups

Eines has always had an eye for trends that are new, fresh, and exciting. The startup world caught his eye, and he decided to dive in. One of his first start-up ventures was an affiliate marketing business. The digital marketing guru set up affiliate sites, and they were a success. In fact, they were so successful that he could bring some of his friends on as commission-based partners. They made hefty commissions by driving traffic to those affiliate sites.

His hard work caught the attention of other prominent people in the affiliate space. He partnered with other entrepreneurs like Timmi Bytyqi & Omar Tewari. It was a partnership that not only challenged Eines but taught him the ins and out of creating and running a successful business.

Taking the Lead

Successful entrepreneurs are actively learning in current roles to take on new ones. Eines embraced this, launching several startups. In 2012, Eines launched In 2013 he teamed up with Bulgarian Entrepreneur Dennis Kotlenko to start In 2017 he created his current business venture Medienor, a digital marketing start-up. In 2020 He launched Norway’s biggest comparison service, The company rose to 10k views per month and made over $500k in click revenue alone. He also launched, a company delivering over 100 logos per month.

His success was sweet, but it wasn’t easy to attain. As a successful entrepreneur, Josef Eines faced many challenges. At times it was a struggle to keep going, but Eines was steadfast and told himself that he would not quit.

Overcoming Challenges

Throughout his career, Eines has always aimed to be the best in any project that he took on. However, the journey of creating startups can be mentally and physically draining. He had long workdays into the night, managed teams, and executed ideas while juggling upcoming projects, and his personal life was sometimes overwhelming. While the pressure built up, Eines didn’t break under that pressure; rather, he took the challenges head-on. When he saw a problem, he worked it out step by step to create a solution. If something went wrong, he quickly adapted and created a way to make it right. If a business was failing, he assessed the damages and learned from those experiences. These practices have allowed Eines to continue to build his digital marketing empire and invest in those ideas he believes in.

As a visionary, Eines tends to focus on the big picture and never loses sight of his goals. From a young age, he was taught never to give up, and he never has. That’s perhaps his message for the next generation of visionaries and entrepreneurs. Identify your goals, focus on the big picture, save your money, invest, make connections, work on new ideas, and don’t stop until those goals are met. His advice to the next generation is to work hard for what they want so that they can be in a position to create something that can impact the world.


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