How to find the best & reliable US dropshippers


If you’re thinking of selling products online, you’ll need to find a reliable dropshipping supplier. Establishing a good working relationship with a dropshipper in the US will make sure you continue to fulfill online orders and create happy customers. A reliable dropshipping supplier will offer you a wide range of products to choose from, as well as give you a great price on goods so that your sales make a healthy profit. You should also look out for dropshippers who guarantee a speedy delivery and detailed returns policy so that your e-commerce store develops a good reputation online. Happy customers mean more sales in the end, so take your time and read our in-depth guide to find the best and most reliable US dropshippers online.

What is dropshipping?

Before we reveal some of the best dropshipping companies in the US, let’s first recap what dropshipping actually is. When you launch an online store, you have two options for stock. You can either invest heavily in stock and sell a wide range of goods, keeping products at a warehouse and fulfilling orders as you go. Or you can use a professional dropshipping service, where you never need to handle products or set up deliveries and returns yourself. Dropshipping basically takes your entire inventory of stock off your hands and allows businesses to start selling without having to invest in products and organize delivery, returns policies, and stock management. This is often the case for Amazon stores, eBay business accounts, and Shopify stores.

Put simply, dropshipping is a retail order fulfillment strategy where an online store doesn’t handle stock. When a customer places an order online, the product will be sent from a third party using the dropshipping model. So, the seller never needs to handle the goods and so can manage their business from anywhere in the world. Not only is this more convenient and allows remote workers to launch online e-commerce businesses, but it also saves business owners precious time and money too. There is no need to manage inventories, stock take, deal with cash flow issues or spend time packaging and sending out orders.

Benefits of the dropshipping model for retailers:

Low investment business model – One of the best reasons to set up a dropshipping business is that it doesn’t require thousands of dollars upfront investment. In fact, you can set up a dropshipping company with even a small amount of cash and gradually grow the business over time. When you make a sale, you can purchase the products and arrange delivery.

Affordable business to run – Unlike a traditional retail business, dropshipping has very low overheads since you only need to buy products when you make a sale. You also save money on storage and staff since you don’t handle stock, take stock inventory, and manage postage and packaging or international shipping. You can run everything from a computer or laptop as long as you have a solid and reliable internet connection.

Flexible location – If you enjoy working remotely and having the freedom and flexibility to travel whenever and wherever you want, dropshipping is a great fit for you. A dropshipping business can be managed from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a high-speed internet connection. Sign up to an international and well-established online marketplace such as and have instant access to buyers around the world.

Test out products – Another major benefit to dropshipping, is that you can test out products and see what sells online before investing heavily in one particular category or product range. This helps retailers to pivot and react quickly to changes in buyer behavior and trends.

Scale-up with ease – This business model also makes it easier to scale up and grow a business online. One person can manage the entire business since there is no man-power required to store, check and manage stock, or fulfill orders and deliveries. This makes it more sustainable to manage with a small team or run the entire business single-handedly.

While dropshipping is a popular business model for new online stores, some entrepreneurs still prefer to invest and handle their own goods. If you’re not sure which route is a good fit for you, feel free to read our article on Dropshipping vs eCommerce fulfillment: what is the difference?

11 Top dropshippers in the US

To find a reliable dropshipping service in the US, check out a dropshipping supplier directory. This is a database of dropshipping suppliers offering products. You’ll usually be able to filter by categories and country to find a good match for your retail business. However, bear in mind that directories will often charge a service fee to access it. While a dropshipping directory membership might come in useful, it might actually be better to contact a supplier directly and cut out the middleman to keep your costs as low as possible. Plus, once you’ve established a strong working relationship with one or two manufacturers, you won’t need the membership anymore.

So, let’s take a look at 11 of the top dropshippers available in the US.


Create a free account with Wholesale2b and discover an all-in-one dropshipping marketplace. This leading supplier offers inventory automation, supplier integration, order automation, website integration, marketplace imports, and even a knowledge base to help empower customers to grow and develop your online store. With a free account, you can browse through the 120 product categories and explore over 1.5 million unique and high-quality items.


If you want instant access to hundreds of suppliers, head to Doba for streamlined order management. This supplier is offering new sellers a 14-day free trial, to test out the features before you commit to a basic plan. Once signed up, Doba Dropship also alerts sellers when certain products are about to go out of stock, sending a proactive custom inventory alert and reducing the need to refund or cancel active sales. A basic Doba plan has a $29 monthly fee, with an advanced plan at $69 or go pro for $249 per month. Doba wholesale suppliers are also given a report card, which reveals their performance and helps sellers to find the most reliable dropshipper. Should you need to expand or find a new supplier, Doba makes this process much easier.

3:Inventory Source

This site has been specially designed for retailers and suppliers and works as a dropshipping platform. With dropshipping automation software and an integrated supplier network, it offers integration with almost all major e-commerce platforms. Upload product data, sync inventory quantities, and route orders from the platform to your own online store. However, remember that retailers’ inventory automation costs $50 a month, with a standard subscription at $125. And unlike other dropping platforms, Inventory Source won’t help sellers scout out the competition or identify buyer trends to optimize profit margins.

4:US Direct

Another great platform for new sellers is US Direct. A trusted US dropship provider that offers fast and reliable shipping and delivery. Rather than go to several dropship wholesalers, Go US Direct gives business owners an online marketplace of high-quality products and leading brands. US Direct also gives sellers peace of mind when it comes to returns and refunds. Providing a quick resolution, they will keep you updated as customer services issues are raised and dealt with professionally. US Direct will by default issue a credit on your account unless otherwise requested for all impacted orders. All order credits are only eligible for a refund within 30 days from the credit date. This prevents customers from requesting refunds after 4 weeks.

5:Worldwide Brands

With a database of certified dropship suppliers, Worldwide Brands is rated as ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot and has over 16 million wholesale products to choose from. Secure, scam-free, and BBB A+ rated, Worldwide Brands will not sell your personal information to third parties. With no recurring fees or hidden small print, it is a trusted directory for certified wholesalers and ideal for US dropshippers. A lifetime subscription can be purchased for around $299, making it affordable for start-up businesses and international retailers. If you can’t commit to $299, there is also an Easy Pay Plan, which has an initial upfront cost of $99 and two monthly payments of $110. A trusted dropshipper for wholesalers in the US, Worldwide Brands…


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