How to Sell Digital Products


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The easy definition of digital products are intangible assets. Think pictures, e-books, online courses and music. Something that doesn’t have a physical form.

This blog will cover how to sell digital products. From coming up with the idea, to where to sell them and how to market the product. And anything else you need to know to increase your profit margins.

What is a digital product?

Here’s a better explanation. A digital product is software enabled without a physical form. They start in the digital format, but they can become physical. For example, you can buy an e-book in PDF and download it.

Some other examples include customized web design templates, software programs and even recipes.

Mobile applications are another big product.

Why You Should Sell Digital Products Online

There are big advantages to selling digital products over physical ones. Here’s a quick list of 6 reasons why you should be selling products online.

  • The Overhead is Lower. An online store doesn’t have physical storage, packing and shipping to pay for.
  • Digital Products Create an Extra Revenue Stream for your Business. You can reach a global audience through your computer.
  • They Don’t Wear Out. Generally, digital products don’t deteriorate or break down over time. Even if they become irrelevant as the technology changes, they can be updated.
  • You’ll Get A Passive Income When You Sell Online. This type of product will continue to make sales even when you’re not online. You don’t need to keep putting in effort to make money.
  • Inventory Never Runs Out. Sell as many software programs or digital courses as you want.There is no limit to how many times these products can be duplicated.
  • Entry Barriers Are Low. You can sell your experience as a service through online courses. Real estate advice, accounting services and copywriting are just a few examples. You’ll only need your experience and a digital product marketplace to get started.

How to Come up with a Digital Product Idea

Looking for the right digital products to sell? Keep in mind you need to cater them to your target audience. Find out what their concerns are on social media.

You can develop a questionnaire and send out a survey to potential customers. And you can use the following to come up with an idea.

Solve a Problem with a Digital Product

Here are a few business problems that can be solved selling digital products.

Low Productivity.

With digital technology, tasks can be completed faster. Find out which ones.

High Admin Costs.

Cut costs with digital products to pay employees and suppliers. Research other needed areas.

Target a Specific Niche

You can narrow down the products to specific niches. These digital products already have demand from specific buyers. Web design is a good example.

Use Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends

Get product ideas through Google Keyword Planner. Search terms and get keyword data. Filter results by metrics like location and language. Find out what people are looking for.

Google Trends displays info like audience behaviours. See popular topics in a given area. Here’s a link for the international version.

25 Digital Product Ideas to Sell Online that Potential Customers will Love

Having a profitable product idea is a good start. Following are 25 more notions for products to sell online.

1. Online Courses

Online courses come in many different niches. One of the best ways to test your course is a free offer. Start by making up the sales page that offers the courses you have.

There is a wide range of topics to from things like graphic design, building a mobile app to yoga and fitness.

2. Membership Sites

These are online businesses that gate their content. A membership site requires customers to pay to get in. Find some excellent software choices here.

3. Stock Photography

Blog and site pictures are in high demand. Start out setting two prices. One for low resolutions files and the other for high resolution items. You can license the pics through a website.

4. Online Music Lessons a Musician will Love

Get more customers selling this service through packages rather than hours. Draw in potential customers with a free tutorial where possible.

Stress what makes your courses unique. And consider email address opt in tools.

5. Videos

Video tutorials and courses require planning. And you need to choose the right tool. Selling online courses that deal with software? Record on your home screen.

A course about fixing cars is different. Best to use a camera and upload the video.

Record from your computer screen with this tool.

6. Audio Products

There are many digital products in this category. Like music files and streaming services to name a few . Remember you’ll need the Public Performance Rights to set up in the US. Your streaming service can get fined otherwise.

Building a music or sound effect app? Don’t forget to factor in storage. People will respond.

7. E-Books

Self publishing is a great way to sell digital products online. Thought leadership and Health Care are two profitable digital categories. Ebooks that sell include photos, charts and graphics.

Using ready made templates for ebooks makes it easier to get started.

8. Software Solutions

People want the best when it comes to online products. Get feedback before you invest too much money. A Beta test works. Cloud hosting is better than doing it all in house. Get some other great SaaS tips here.

9. Graphic Design Templates

The first step is to choose the kind of graphic design product you want to sell.There are many different types of templates. Here’s some tips to make these items stand out.

  • use cheap design tools if you’re just starting.
  • contrast the colors because opposites attract.
  • Images and big letters go together.

And here’s a marketplace to showcase and sell your work.

10. Sound Effects

Getting into this business means having a good audio recorder . Look for a tool that can capture sound from different sources. And it should have a batch editing feature.

Here’s some tools that work with Windows 10.

11. Craft Patterns

The first step is to do some research to make sure your product isn’t already for sale. When you’re sure it’s unique, use page layout software like Adobe InDesign.

The most profitable downloads are in PDF format. Some top sellers include crochet and ornament patterns.

12. Recipes

Are you a cook looking to sell recipes online? This idea applies to anyone who wants to list and sell recipes. You need to understand culinary terms and cooking measurements to come up with easy to follow products.

Put together a short e-book that you can sell. Or, you can use a subscription service like Pabbly. You can embed this service on a WordPress site. Or consider gathering the recipes into a series of ebooks.

13. Templates

Take the work out of designing these digital products with a company like Canva. They supply a variety of templates for everything from infographics to posters, logos and presentations.

The pro package even offers brand management and social scheduling.

14. Infographics

These products are in high demand for businesses. You’ll need to collect data then use features like charts, timelines and graphics. If you want to use a template, look for one where you can customize the icons, text and color.

Make sure that you can reformat these products to share on social media. Updating them helps your Google search results.

15. Video Games

These are popular digital products too. You need to know the difference between game design and game development to start. Game developers are people who know how to code. Game designers deal with the artistic side.

Start by deciding what the game will look like and the coding languages you need. It’s possible you might have to hire people to help with these products.

16. Audio Assets

There are lots of places to sell these items online. Find one where you can sell a variety of different audio files. Like vocals, samples, beats and even audiobooks.

Sell these yourself or choose a place to showcase your tracks. Dont forget to install a shopping cart if you’re going solo. Offer digital downloads so customers can use the files.

17. Web Plugins

These are popular with small businesses. If you can develop one for a useful tool like SEO, all the better. Developing a WordPress plug-in with two factor authentication is good. Consider focusing on security.

18. Web Themes

Everyone wants a website that stands out. You can get started…


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