New Explorations of TIENS Group To Adapt to the Trend of Globalization


On August 3, 2021 (China Standard Time), in order to celebrate the 26th anniversary of its establishment, TIENS Group organized“One Belt One Road Health Industry Development Forum in Post COVID-19 Era” and took the opportunity to discuss the current situation and development trend of the international health industry. It’s reported that TIENS Group, established in 1995, which has begun to expand the global market under the leadership of Li Jinyuan since 1997 and has been committed to the global big health industry for 26 years, plays a leading role in the development of the global big health industry.

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According to the Forum, TIENS has logistics warehouses in Russia, Czech Republic and Nigeria, and has set up a reliable global supply chain system covering Asia, Europe and Africa. It’s worth mentioning that TIENS has established production bases in many territories across the world, including Ethiopia and Vietnam. Besides, TIENS Group has strong influences in 224 countries and regions such as the USA, the UK, Italy, Germany and France.

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While supplying health products to the countries around the world through its powerful logistics network, TIENS Group develops JTMM, a brand-new global cross-border social commerce platform, which delivers health products to millions of families around the world. TIENS owes its incredible success to its powerful C2C model, and this model regards the inputs and feedbacks of customers as a positive circulation system to improve its products and services constantly.

Nowadays, this multinational company has approximately 10,000 full-time employees and more than 47 million family consumers in the world. TIENS continuesto use its forward-looking transcendence theory, which relies on the social network based cross-border direct selling strategy, as well as the e-commerce platform JTMM (i.e. the “One Body Multiple Wings” strategy) to develop the global big health business , accordingly becoming a world leader in cross-border business.

On August 3, Li Jinyuan, chairman of TIENS Group, one of the leaders of the world health industry, offered valuable insights on the Forum, indicating the direction of the health industry. TIENS adopts the strategic layout of “One Body Multiple Wings” and applies the idea of internet plus to develop various types of business such as cross-border e-commerce, big helath industry, international travel agencies and global experience stores, and will continue to guide the development of the global big health industry. Besides, the Forum provides precious exchange opportunities for more enterprises, to support the development of the health industry in Russia, the UK, France and other countries and to achieve the goal of reciprocity and mutual benefit.

Since the “One Belt One Road” initiative was put forward, many Chinese enterprises have begun to go global through their trade and marketing procedures. By virtue of innovation, efficiency and operation quality, Chinese brands make the most of the reputation of China as a world factory as well as the global trade ecosystem. Chinese enterprises are further integrating with the ever-changing world, and gradually become a part of the radically changing global ecosystem. Among the booming industries, the big health industry is absolutely one of the most watched industries. TIENS has been commited to the big health industry for about 26 years, and is developing business in 224 countries and regions arcoss the world. TIENS actively responds to the “One Belt One Road” initiative, and persists in promoting the innovation of the whole society.

Nowadays, innovation is one of the drivers for the success of global enterprises. In its operation over the past 26 years, TIENS showed its determination for innovation and improvement, made its product mixes diversified, and became a world leader in the health industry. During that period, TIENS Group focused on promoting the development of the brand in the global big health industry through multi-network interaction.

At present, TIENS Group is vigorously expanding its business in the world, and has a stronger presence in the world than ever before. As time goes on, the JTMM e-commerce platform of TIENS will be further improved and begin to offer global services.

Li Jinyuan, chairman of TIENS Group, said, “TIENS has accumulated a wealth of experience, built up unimpeded channels, accumulated a large number of customers, and become a famous brand. We hope that we could reach a new height in the world and strengthen our position as a major participant in the big health industry.”


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