Supercharge your feeds: The e-commerce marketer’s guide to 2021 and beyond


It’s no secret that the pandemic has accelerated a lot of trends, especially the shift away from offline retail toward e-commerce. As new behaviors evolve and new methods of acquisition emerge, Productsup’s new guide, ‘Supercharge your product feeds and drive sales’, takes you through four key trends that are set to continue throughout 2021 and beyond.

Discover four e-commerce trends for 2021

  • Concepts such as BOPIS (buy online pickup in-store) are continuing to lead the way, as brick-and-mortar stores think smart and adapt to a new future of e-commerce.
  • Find out why social commerce is not only here to stay but set to grow – backed up by some eye-opening statistics.
  • Why sustainable e-commerce, driven by more environmentally aware consumers, could be great news for small and medium-sized businesses in particular.
  • Why the ‘shop local’ trend is no longer confined to the neighborhood, in times when a transparent and trustworthy service matters most.

The impact on your business promotions

In 2020, Google searches for ‘early Black Friday deals’ were up by 150% versus November 2019. Traditional holidays are no longer the anchor points they once were. Today, it’s about the flexibility to meet your customers’ wants and needs. Download this guide to learn why the new, post Covid-19 normal changes the way you should be looking at business promotions.

The secrets to successful e-commerce

Did you know that the companies that focus on delivering an outstanding digital experience are twice as likely to be chosen as a primary supplier? This guide shows you why optimizing your product content, and using the right tools to do so, is essential.

Discover the 3 golden rules for growth

Needless to say, understanding the trends is one thing. Success depends on how successfully you react to them. Download this guide to learn the three essential areas you need to get right.

The crucial role of feed management

With every channel having different requirements and best practices, you need to be able to quickly optimize your product content at scale for each one. This guide explains why successful multichannel e-commerce starts with your product content feeds – and how you can tailor those feeds to stay relevant and sell more in the face of fast-moving trends.

This new e-commerce marketer’s guide is available to download right now.

The future of e-commerce is not what anyone thought it would be, even a year ago. Many of the transitions expected to take place over years have happened in a matter of months.

Don’t miss the opportunity to find out how feed management provides the flexibility and control to quickly react to new trends – and make sure you’re ready for whatever 2021 has in store.

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